Exchange of UAH to RUB

We tell you how to exchange the Ukrainian hryvnia to the ruble and back via Coins.Black!

The information in the article is out of date. The exchange of UAH → RUB and RUB → UAH works in the normal mode.
The exchange process still goes through the Balance USDT, but now in the automatic mode, the user does not require any action, the system itself will create requests and will guide you through the payment process. You will receive your funds as quickly as in a normal exchange, without noticing anything.
Warning! Hryvnia is exchanged into Rubles through an intermediate currency — the balance of USDT.
Unfortunately, you can’t exchange hryvnias to rubles directly. The exchange is carried out on the route: Visa / Mastercard UAH → balance USDT → Visa / Mastercard RUB. Exchange rate hryvnia to rubles you can ask the operator.

Dear clients, due to restrictions from the regulators direct exchange from Ukrainian hryvnia to rubles is prohibited. You can exchange hryvnias to rubles through the balance of USDT on our service.


To exchange you need to create 2 orders: Visa / Mastercard UAH → Balance USDT and Balance USDT → Visa / Mastercard RUB. Detailed instructions for their filling are given below, if you have any questions — write us a chat, we will help you.

1. Create an order Visa / Mastercard UAH → Balance USDT

Pay the order by bank card on our website. Your USDT balance will be replenished to the email address you specify in the order form.

After you pay the order, your USDT balance on our website will be charged. You can create a second order to receive rubles.

2. Create an order Balance USDT → Visa / Mastercard RUB

In the order, specify the number of the card to receive the rubles and your email address. The amount of exchange in USDT should be specified from the first order. The USDT balance will be withdrawn by email address from your account on our website.

→ Exchange UAH to RUB

Frequently Asked Questions

Exchanging as an example

      1. Create an order Visa / Mastercard UAH → Balance USDT.

      — Specify the amount — 10000 UAH (for example).
      — Under the amount to be received we see 200 USDT.
      — Enter your mail — [email protected]
      — Click Create request. Next, click on the Pay by Card button. Pay for the request.

      2. Create an order Balance USDT → Visa / Mastercard RUB

      — Specify the amount — 200 USDT (eceived on the first order).
      — Enter your mail — [email protected]
      — Enter number of card to receive rubles.
      — Click Create an order. Next, click on the I have paid. Waiting for receipt of rubles on the card. That’s all!

How many rubles will I get in the end?

For your convenience, we can calculate how many rubles you will get, just contact the chat. You can see the direct exchange rate on BestChange using the calculator. The actual amount of rubles you will receive to your card will be written in the second order, when exchanging the Balance USDT to Visa / Mastercard RUB.

I need Qiwi RUB or ЮMoney RUB

No problem, step #1 remains the same: create an order Visa / Mastercard UAH → Balance USDT. To receive Qiwi RUB or ЮMoney RUB at step #2, create an order:

By and large, nothing changes except for creating an order for the direction you are interested in at step #2.

In the list there is no my bank UAH or RUB, what to do?

We accept payments from any cards Visa / Mastercard UAH and pay to any bank cards that support rubles. Feel free to use Visa / Mastercard directions without specifying a bank, all payments will go through.

How to send you hryvnias?

Create an order in the direction Visa / Mastercard UAH → Balance USDT and pay for it.

Where is the balance of USDT stored?

* You do not need to go to your personal cabinet to pay the order Balance USDT → Visa / Mastercard RUB, funds will be debited automatically from your account (by your email address).
Your USDT balance is stored in your personal account on our website. It can be accessed by your email address and password. If you don’t remember your password, you can easily restore it.

Which Ukrainian banks process payments better?

The best payments are made from ПУМБ and Monobank, the worst payments are made from PrivatBank. Each case is individual, payment can be both successfully passed from PrivatBank and blocked by ПУМБ and others. Create an order and try to make a payment from your card, if the payment will be rejected on the side of your bank (about which you will receive a message) try to use the card of another bank, if there is such an opportunity.

If you still have questions — our operator in the chat will tell you and show you everything, just write to us.