Listing Neo: the crypto-economy from Middle Kingdom

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How does NEO work?

The primary idea of the NEO developers is that all assets of the present world can be programmed. The property rights of stocks, real estate, cars, and other assets can be made digital and transferred in this form from one owner to another.

The benefits of NEO

While developing the NEO platform, the lacks of existing systems were taken into account:
NEO cryptocurrency algorithm supports all major programming languages – this allows to attract a large number of specialists to the evolution of the platform, makes it possible for programmers to write smart contracts without learning new languages.

The NEO platform has a limited number of coins – no more than 100 million. Over 50 percent are already in circulation. This eliminates the uncontrolled emission of currency and the influence of mining structures on the organization principles of the system.

Absence of fees for the transfer of NEOs. The system runs on the PoS algorithm – this suggests the minimum cost to support performance, the absence of costs for transactions with currency.
High scalability – it assumes a traffic potential of up to 100 thousand transactions per second.
Uses NeoQS post-quantum cryptography method – this is the technology of the future. Quantum computers will cause problems for RSA and ECC cryptographic mechanisms. The NEO cryptography method will remain beyond of hacking possibilities.

Neo Global Communities

Neo has a large community, over 500k followers and subscribers in 7 countries! Here are the partner companies, a whole list of which you can find here.

  • Сoz
  • Neoresearch
  • Red4Sec
  • NeoNext

NEO Outlook

The developers’ plans cover changing the technology of the global economy, creating a digital economy based on blockchain with convenient and transparent conditions.

Road map

The roadmap, and all of Neo’s achievements, can be seen at


The wallets shown on this page were developed by groups in the Neo community. Choose the wallet which best fits your needs. While creating a new Neo wallet, don’t forget to back up your private key by a secure way. Your private key is the only way to control your own Neo assets.


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