Black Friday: -1% on swap

Joining the trend: -1% on exchanges till December 1 💣

Friends, we never stop thinking about how to make exchanges more attractive for you and one of the great ideas of our creative team is to join the Black Friday marketing movement.

You will get a 1% discount for exchanging amounts starting from 100 000 RUB, 36 000 UAH, 1500 USD or any other fiat currency presented on our platform. To take advantage of it just write in the chat “black Friday” and you will be paid 1% more than in the order, everything is easy and simple as our whole service 😊

If you exchange cryptocurrency in USD equivalent amount more than 1500$ — you also get 1% discount.

This offer is valid until December 1, 2021!

Hurry up to take advantage of this unique offer, the more so as our choice of currencies is awesome: there are both time-proven projects and trendy tops!

In one of the last updates we added Maker (MKR) and Algorand (ALGO) — prospective, fundamental projects in the cryptoindustry. You can buy them all for rubles, hryvnias, dollars, euros, crypto and other payment systems, more than 200 currencies in total. Happy shopping and big discounts!